South Dakota

Above is the newest addition to our family. Her name is Dakota. We picked her up the other day. Krystle is giving me the thumbs up here before we went into the dollar store to buy some simple rv supplies. 

Simple RV supplies consist of…

  • Toilet paper
  • 2 forks
  • 2 knives
  • 2 spoons 
  • Hand soap
  • Dish soap
  • Salt and pepper
  • 2 plates
  • 2 bowls
  • Paper towels
  • Peanut butter

We later went to Wal-Mart and got some more supplies for Dakota. 

So we are out in the Black Hills for the 76th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Our bungee and pet brands, The Perfect Bungee and The Perfect Pet Products are vendors at the Black Hills Harley Davidson again this year. It was slow rally compared to last years but still a ton fun and was very successful! We spend a lot of time on the road promoting our brands. We have another RV and trailer on the road captained by Jon. He spends about 9 months of the year traveling to shows all over the USA promoting and selling our products. 

We were staying in the other RV with Jon till we bought Dakota. We bought her towards the end of the rally and then spent two days at the same RV park as Jon. The park was called Rapid City RV Park, it used to be called Lazy J’s. It’s a nice, friendly and clean RV park with a pool, gym and laundry facilities. 

Yesterday was the last day of the rally, Krystle and I moved from the RC RV park and moved to the Holy Smoke RV Resort out by Keystone. We felt like trying a new site and wanted to be more out in the Black Hills. 

Below is a picture of Krystle and Dakota in our spot at Holy Smoke Resort. 

We spent today driving around the Black Hills. We visited Mt. Rushmore, drove up Iron Mountain Road and down into Custard State Park and drove the wild life loop. It was amazing. The scenery is unreal!  

We saw atleast 500 wild bison, wild pronghorn and hung out with some wild burros!!

Above is a video of Krystle petting one we named Burrito. 

We spent the rest of the day hanging at the RV and went into Rapid City to grab some things for the RV. 

We had a lovely diner in Keystone and now are chilling on the coach watching some TV as it pours outside. 

Below are some more pictures from the trip so far. 

Below: a bull elk at Bear Country USA in SD. We felt bad for all the animals living in high fenced areas. We know they are well taken care of but still, all the animals looked so bored and seemed like they wanted more to their lives. 

Above: wild bison roaming!

Above is Krystle eating the Hubble Telescope whilst hanging out the “nowhere bar” better known at the Pasta Corral. If you are ever by Nemo SD PLEASE! Go hang out there! The best food and people in SD! Right on Nemo Rd between Wonderland Caves and Nemo. 

Above: storms rolling into town. 

Below: double rainbow!

Above: hello. I’m a grizzly bear. Nbd. 


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