Let the Adventures begin!

Hello all!  Adam & Krystle here!  We decided to start a blog about our travels, we are currently right outside of Keystone, South Dakota!  The idea started when we bought our first RV, which happened to be 4 days ago.  Oh and the RV has a name already, DAKOTA!  She is a Freedom Elite 26FE and we love her very much.

I (adam) travel a lot for work.  I work for my families company called Bihlerflex.  We are the manufacturers of THE PERFECT BUNGEE and THE PERFECT PET PRODUCTS.  I travel a ton for work and recently my wife has started to spend more time traveling with me for my job, its awesome!

Recently Krystle left her job to try other things out there.  Coming from a nursing job, high stress and always having to be on her A game, having some down time to travel is well… very relaxing and exciting.

SO we decided to start documenting our travels for our friends, families and for others who are interested in our travels!

What to expect from this blog?  Good question!  Pictures of where we are, what we see, how things are on the road, the trials and tribulations of RVing as well as the grind we face to grow our business!

Hope you all enjoy!


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