We are safe!

Hey, Krystle here!

We went to bed last night not knowing what to expect with the hurricane, as the predictions kept changing.  I awoke many times through the night to the sound of rain and wind, but nothing was too extreme.  We left the windows uncovered out the front of the RV so we could see the water, and the wind was blowing the water but the palm trees and other structures around us were fine including the RV. Boom, our plan of moving toward the gulf was correct! We updated family and friends we were all safe, so all is well. 

We were pleasantly suprised when we woke up for the day to see that it was not raining just some gusty winds.  We hung out in the RV and listened to the new Balance and Composure album (any thoughts guys?) and tracked the hurricane.

It is much less humid out than the previous days, so its a comfortable 80 degrees.  We took Tilly for a swim in the river and threw the stick for her in the current and she did an awesome job – shes a strong swimmer!  She also carried around a coconut 🙂

Right now this is our current situation:


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