Heading to Florida

We left this past Sunday night (the 2nd of October).  We loaded the RV Sunday afternoon and got on the road.  So, the PA Turnpike in the Allentown area is absolutely horrible.  If you are driving a big vehicle like we are, make sure everything is secure.  Everything should be secured anyway, but take extra precaution.  We got out of PA and headed south down 95 towards Baltimore and DC.  The roads around Baltimore and DC suck.


Yeah honestly, not so welcoming. Bumpy… Bumpy… Bumpy.  We called it a night when we go into the DC area and pulled into a Wal-Mart to bunk up for the night.

Monday morning we started back up again and continued our drive south.  We got out of the DC area and onto the nice roads of the south!  On our drive south we sang some good tunes, made stops every 300 miles to stretch our legs, stretch our paws (that’s right, our paws, Tilly and Oliver are joining us on this trip!) and get some air.  Getting closer to the border of North and South Carolina you start to see the “On the Border” billboards every couple miles.  So we had to make a pit stop to check it out.  I (Adam) had been there plenty of times, back in my band days and touring around the country all the time, it was a frequent pit stop.  My wife Krystle hadn’t seen the sights of “SOUTH OF THE BORDER”.  We visited the Mexican themed store, nothing much but chinsy trinkets.  We spent a total of about 20-30 mins there.

Panda, panda

Pug shirts

We got back into the RV and headed south again. Tilly took over as co-captain and Krystle lost her seat.

Dakota at south of the border/ghost town


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