Hurricane Mathew

Pulled into our campground in the south western area of Orlando.  Actually closer to Kissimmee.  Staying at the Tropical Palms RV Resort.  Pretty nice spot!  Couple miles from Disney and the attractions.  Hooked up the Dakota, got the motorcycle out of the trailer and headed out for some Sushi!

Tropical palms Tilly

Wednesday morning we checked the forecast… the forecast wasn’t good.  We decided to this morning to head out to Loews, Trader Joe’s and Wal-Mart for supplies, just in case.  Some things you should always have in-case of an emergency….

WATER- 1 gallon per person.

FLASHLIGHTS- at least 1 per person

BATTERIES- enough to power flash lights for up to 8 days.

CANNED FOOD- Soups, veggies etc.  Canned foods can lost a long time with out refrigeration and can be heated up over campfires or in microwaves.

GAS- if you have a generator, fill up your gas source for the generator and get some extra!

GLOW STICKS- Help light up the night or for use to notify emergency crews of your wear about.

FIRST-AID KIT- Always have a First-Aid kit handy.(luckily Krystle is a nurse and I’m an EMT)

We stocked up our RV and stored a couple extra gallons of water in the trailer and an extra 5 gallons of gas in the trailer. (the trailer is vented, do not store gas in unvented areas)

Trader Joe’s yaaaaas

The rest of the afternoon we prepared an evacuation route.  You never know what hurricanes can do when it comes to their path, they can alter at anytime. ALWAYS have an evacuation plan. Hit up FOREVER YOUNG CROSSFIT for a work out and to talk to the locals and get their opinions on the storm.

Forecasters were saying 30-50mph sustained winds for early Friday morning and tampering off in the mid to late afternoon on Friday.  We know Dakota can handle these winds, when stationary.  We know that we would have to bring the awning in, probably slide the slide outs in, and put away our BBQ, Chairs and outdoor rug.  No big deal, we got this.

Wednesday night came and went.

Thursday morning started like most mornings.  Had our morning coffee in Dakota and turned on the news.  Well… the news…. the forecasters were saying Mathew was definitely turning more north west then they had expected.  Now Orange County was under Hurricane Watch and winds were predicted to be 70mph + sustained.  OK, TIME TO LEAVE.

Time to put the evacuation plan into effect.

WEST COAST here we come.  no no no not the west coast of the USA, west coast of Florida.  Tampa/Tarpon Springs area.  We called some RV camps as soon as 9 am hit!  My second call was to Hickory Pines RV Resort in Tarpon Springs.  BOOYAH!  we were in luck!  They are located north of Tampa in Tarpon Springs on the Anclote River.

We headed west.  We made a pit stop at Camping World in the Tampa area to make sure our propane was topped up and at a Flying J to top up our fuel level.  PS- get the FLYING J/ Pilot app on your phone, you can save $.03 per gallon when you refuel at either gas station!  (gotta love saving money on fuel)

Arriving at our location  was  easy, easy roads in, just a lot of traffic lights.  We got hooked up, then moved to a better spot on the river.  There were manatees playing in the water and jumping mullet all over!  Beautiful birds flying around and fishing. Tilly got to finally go swimming being that is her #1 favorite thing to do!

Beach at the RV park
View across the river

We had to unattach the trailer however.  The county doesn’t allow trailers to be attached to RV’s at campgrounds in this area, no problem, we put her in the storage area for now.  All hooked up in our new spot on the river again… ahhhhh relaxing.  We continued to watch the storm and then headed over to Miss Vicki’s, a local watering hole on the river about a half mile walk from our camp ground.

Miss Vicki’s has some great Buffalo Shrimp by the way.

The sky was really starting to cloud up and the winds were picking up.  We started to get the occasional rain too.

The news tonight was really bad.  Like, really bad.  Pretty much saying if you are on the east coast of Florida, still at home.. you are an idiot. We felt good to not be lumped into the “idiot” category hahahaha.  Anyway, we put the awning in and secured anything outside that we had.
Here we are, Friday morning.  Woken up to some rain in the night… a little wind, nothing serious though.  Looks like the storm went from a Cat 4 to a Cat 3 overnight.  We are safe and outside currently enjoying some carrots, the occasional sunshine and nice temps with the dogs!

Looks like Daytona is currently getting slammed…. We will keep you posted.


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